11 more Saint Lucian Cruise Workers Arrive
6 June, 2020 by
11 more Saint Lucian Cruise Workers Arrive
Department of External Affairs

Eleven (11) more Saint Lucians are scheduled to arrive 6th June 2020 via The Royal Vision of the Seas, which will depart Barbados destined for Port Castries, with an expected arrival time of 12:00 p.m.  

The nationals were on a variety of Royal Caribbean International vessels, and recently transferred to the referenced vessel. 

The Department of Health and Wellness has notified the vessel and all nationals aboard of the health and safety protocols that will be observed during the disembarkation process.  Notably, that all nationals will be screened by Port Health personnel and subsequently transferred to a government operated quarantine facility where they will be housed for a period of 14 days.      

The Minister responsible for External Affairs, Honorable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, while acknowledging the successes of the ongoing repatriation process, noted the following, “As many as we are able to bring home through various means, we are acutely aware of the many more that we must continue our efforts in finding  solutions in returning them home safely.  “Our repatriation team is redoubling efforts to ensure that they too can be facilitated”. 

 Appreciation was extended to Royal Caribbean International for the effective collaboration with the Government of Saint Lucia in facilitating this repatriation process. 

As the Department of External Affairs and the Government continue to explore the most feasible options to facilitate the speedy repatriation of all nationals who wish to return home, nationals abroad are reminded to keep in regular contact with the nearest Saint Lucian Embassy and Consulate, along with the office for Diaspora Affairs.