Ambassador of Saint Lucia meets with Members of Taipei City Government
10 February, 2021 by
Ambassador of Saint Lucia meets with Members of Taipei City Government

Ambassador Edwin Laurent held discussions with Representatives from the Taipei City

Government at the Embassy of Saint Lucia last week. The discussions were part of the Taipei Friendship initiative which aims to improve relations and promote better cooperation between Taipei City Government and foreign diplomatic missions in Taiwan.

The Taipei Government delegation was headed by Mr. Tom Chou, Commissioner for External Affairs at the Mayor’s Office. He is a former Ambassador of Taiwan to Saint Lucia. He provided an overview of the projects currently undertaken by the various departments within the Taipei City Government. He also suggested possible projects of the collaboration of which the areas of culture, technical cooperation, education, and investment were of particular interest.

During the meeting, Ambassador Laurent who was accompanied by Second Secretary Ms. Bernise Springer expressed his keenness to work with the Taipei City Government and pointed to the value of including Saint Lucian students in Taiwan in these endeavours. He noted that the majority of nationals residing in Taiwan are students or recent graduates, there is untapped potential that is of benefit to both countries.

He went on to express his gratitude for the work of Ambassador Chou and of previous Taiwanese diplomats posted to Saint Lucia who made invaluable contributions to promoting friendship with Saint Lucia a favourable image of Taiwan.

In closing, he looked forward to further discussions on the various areas of cooperation.

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