Saint Lucia and Martinique hold Virtual Investment Forum to Stimulate Economies
20 April, 2021 by
Saint Lucia Consulate in Martinique

This first ever virtual investment forum will focus on presenters from Saint Lucia who will speak on the various and potential sectors of investment on the island, how to do business in Saint Lucia, potential partnerships with export ready companies, as well discussions on the existing options of merchandise and freight transportation between the two islands; all in an effort to stimulate economic growth and development between Martinique and Saint Lucia. 

The forum is part of a month-long trade show hosted by The Chamber of Commerce in Martinique from the 6th - 29th April 2021 and will focus on the Caribbean, Europe, North America and Africa where entrepreneurs, investors and businesspersons can discover promising markets, benefit from expert advice, expand their business network, and identify support mechanisms to develop their international presence at lower risk.  

The event is 100 percent digital and numerus conferences and workshops have been planned; with simultaneous translation in English and French. 

The session will close with a 1-hour long B2B where presenters can discuss more intimately with the participants (participants must register online for the B2B in order to attend). Registration not only allows participants in the Investment Forum, but also to the various other conferences and workshops available, should persons be interested.

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