Consulate General of Saint Lucia 
Miami, Saint Lucia

Consul General 

Mrs. Tassa Jean  is the Consul General of Saint Lucia in Miami.  Her tenure as Consul General commenced on 18th January, 2019.  The Consul General in Miami also oversees the provision of consular services to Saint Lucian nationals residing in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Mexico, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.  

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Our Mission Statement

" To officially develop economic, commercial and cultural relations between Saint Lucia and the States within its jurisdiction."

Our Services 

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Emergency Travel Certificate 


Citizenship by Descent


Residency for Minor


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Citizenship By Marriage

Visiting Saint Lucia


Returning Nationals


Requirements for obtaining a Emergency Travel Certificate/Certificate of Identity

  1. Birth certificate with accompanying Saint Lucia Identification Card or expired passport.  Please send original documents.. 

  2. Original marriage certificate and/or original divorce decree if applicable. 

  3. Original deed poll (if applicable). 

  4. Two recent passport-sized photographs. 

  5. Copy of ticket or travel itinerary for emergency travel documents only.   

Requirements for Application for Citizenship by Descent (Adult) 

  1. Birth certificate of applicant.  

  2. Parent birth certificate.  

  3. Parent marriage certificate (if married). 

  4. Marriage certificate of applicate (if applicant if married female). 

  5. Three (3) passport size photos certified by a JP/lawyer.

  6. Twenty-five dollars (XCD25) stamp from the post office in Saint Lucia.

  7. Certificate of Character/Police Record from country of residence.

  8. Income Tax certificate (only if applicant resides in Saint Lucia).

  9. School letter (if applicant attended school in Saint Lucia)

  10. Statutory Declaration/Affidavit/Deed Poll (if there is a name change other than marriage).  documents only.   

Kindly note that application are to be submitted in person at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National  Security, Citizenship Unit.  Certificate & handling fee: XCD300 (to be paid at treasury)

Requirements for Application for Citizenship by Virtue of Marriage 

  1. Two application forms (Form No. 3)

  2. USD10.00 stamp duty.  

  3. Marriage Certificate of applicant. 

  4. Marriage Certificate of Saint Lucian spouse.

  5. Three passport-sized photographs. 

  6. Passport showing updated immigration status. 

  7. Police clearance (Saint Lucian and/or other nationality)

  8. Letter from Saint Lucia Inland Revenue Department indicating income tax compliance.  

Requirements for Application for Residency (Minor) 

  1. Birth certificate of applicant.  

  2. Marriage certificate of parents.  

  3. Passport  

  4. Three (3) passport size photos certified by a JP/lawyer.

  5. School letter if attending in Saint Lucia

  6. Income Tax Certificate

  7. Statutory Declaration/Affidavit/Deed Poll.

  8. Stamp USD10.00 purchased from Post Office. 

Our Address

2 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 850

Coral Gables, Florida, 33134
Tel: (786) 502-3351/786-527-5119