Protocol & Consular  Division


  • The welfare of diplomats resident in Saint Lucia. 

  • The welfare of personnel of International and Regional Organizations based in Saint Lucia.  

  • Duty free privileges and immunities for resident diplomats. 

  • Planning and managing official events and ceremonies. 

  • Diplomatic clearance for vessels and aircrafts of foreign governments. 


  • The returning national programme. 

  • Honorary Consuls. 

  • Deportation. 

  • Prison transfer agreements. 

  • Welfare of Saint Lucian nationals overseas. 

  • The CARICOM skills Certificate Regime. 

  • Refugees and asylum. 


Protocol Services: 

Accreditation of Ambassadors and Presentation of Credentials.

Accreditation of Saint Lucia Representatives Overseas.   

Arrangement of Official ceremonies such as Independence and Remembrance Day.

Arrangements of State and Official funerals. 

Coordination of visits of foreign and local dignitaries travelling to and from Saint Lucia. 

Courtesy calls on the Governor General, the Prime Minister and other ministers/ministries. 

Diplomatic Clearance for sea and air vessels. 

Issuing of CD license plates. 

Provision of immunities and privileges to diplomats and ambassadors. 

Approval of honorary consuls or consul generals. 

Issuing of tax identification numbers (TIN). 

Consular Services: 

Certificate of Identify. 

Declaration/Renunciation of Citizenship.  

Recommender service (signing of Saint Lucian passport forms & Statement of Witness Forms)

US Tax Identification letter. 

Passports & Travel Documents

Passport application & renewal. (Download passport application form from here.)

Lost & replacement passports. 

Issuance of emergency travel documents.

Issuance of diplomatic & official passports.

Issuance of non-immigrant visas to foreigners.

Issuance of business & vacation/leisure visas.


Verification of CSME skills certificates. 

Verification of Saint Lucian vital records/documents. (Saint Lucian vital record application form)

Verification of citizenship/nationality of deportees. 


  1. Citizenship by Marriage     

    1. Checklist Download here

    2. Application (Form 1) Download here

  2. Citizenship Minor

    1. Checklist Download here

    2. Application (Form 2) Download here

  3. Citizenship by descent /Adult 

    1. Checklist

    2. Application Form (Form 3) Download here